Corporate membership subscription is based on the overall size of the company, not the number of people on your contact list (see next page). Individual members join without reference to their employer or company name. Season membership runs from July 1 through the following June 30. Partial year year-membership are not available.

Regular Monthly Meetings are open to Members, all staff of Corporate Members, and guests. Only corporate members are eligible to book full tables at the Annual Dinner. Individual members can book a limited number of seats at the Annual Dinner on behalf of other members or their guests.

If you join after the Annual Dinner, membership extends through the end of the following season. Members wishing to change their class of membership may do so by advising the Executive Secretary and making the appropriate payment.

Please check the details given below and provide additional information. These details will be included in this year’s edition of the Directory of Members, as stated unless you indicate otherwise.

Applicant Information

If you are registering on behalf of an organisation, please enter the applicants information in this section. You need not include a photo or LinkedIn link as you'll have the opportunity to add a logo and links for your organisation instead. In future, the email address entered here may be used to create a login to the website.

If registering as an individual, please enter your preferred professional contact information (this does not need to reference the organisation you work with). In future, the email you enter here may be used to create a login to the website.

Please select the appropriate type of membership to determine your membership fee. Honorary Members should have been previously agreed with the Scottish Energy Forum.

Organisation Information

If you're applying on behalf of an organisation there is some information we'll need that will help us set you up in our Member's Directory and allow us to determine the most appropriate membership tier for you also. Please fill in the information below before continuing to payment.

Please enter the size of your organisation as a whole.

Registration confirmation will be emailed to you.