The James Watt Lecture 2021:
speaker to be announced shortly

This SEF Event is held in partnership with ‘The Watt Club’, the alumni association of Heriot-Watt University, who have a long-held tradition of recognising James Watt’s birthday each year by “supping” together. In recognition of Heriot-Watt’s long established association with the SEF, the annual January “James Watt Lecture” is delivered by a leading commentator who will address topical aspects and issues affecting the energy sector.

The role of research and contribution of universities in supporting industry to address global societal challenges will also be discussed.

Traditionally after the presentation there is an opportunity for the audience to network, “sup” together and toast James Watt’s contribution to science and engineering. In these unusual times with the presentation being delivered by Video Conference, we invite the audience to toast James Watt from the comfort of your own home

28 January 2021