“Oil in the energy transition – the funding impact on host governments”
- Carole Nakhle (CEO of Crystol Energy)

The energy transition to a greener energy future is accelerating.  More and more governments are embracing net zero targets and major oil companies are committing to a cleaner portfolio mix.  Even conventional oil producers in the Middle East are embracing a greener agenda.

The impact, however, on producers is not going to be uniform: while some governments may have to forgo a substantial source of income, others may enjoy further capitalizing on their oil and gas resources. This in turn can have major implications on the dynamics of the energy transition as well as on security of supply.

The presentation will contrast the implications of the energy transition on major oil producers in the OECD – home to some of the largest private oil companies in the world – and the Middle East home to some of the largest national oil companies in the world.

1 July 2021
About our Speaker

Dr Carole Nakhle is the founder and CEO of Crystol Energy. She is an internationally recognised expert in the field of Energy Economics. Her two decades of experience cover energy policy and investment, international petroleum contractual arrangements and fiscal regimes, world oil and gas market developments and governance of the extractive industry.

Crystol Energy is an independent consultancy and advisory company, with a unique breadth of global experience in the public and private sectors and academia. From governments and investors to international organisations and NGOs, Crystol Energy works with all stakeholders, providing a diversity of expertise that includes tailored advice on energy policy and investments; specialised and bespoke training; original research and in-depth analysis.

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